Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 14, 2016 @ 11:40 am
Credit: Instagram / @sariandpol

We love nothing more than an Instagram feed that rocks our aesthetic, so when we saw the ~chill girl~ vibes of these killer black and white illustrations, we were like, oh hell yes. Sarah Jones, an Argentina-based artist, knows the edgiest place in our hearts, and our #StyleGoals. The illustrator (who is ridiculously talented, BTW) takes our wildest fashion dreams and makes them into art. It’s probably the best way to brainstorm new style ideas *ever* invented.

Here’s a few of our fave illustrations to inspire your #StyleGoals:

1. This perfect late fall look.

So great for easing into cooler weather!

2. This perfect casual style.

Easy as pie, and just as cute.

3. This adventuring gal.

Because backpacks are the new purses.

4. This flawless babe.

Heart eyes on 100,000,000.

5. This edgy look.

100% on board, because who couldn’t use a little more edge?

6. This lady who DGAF.

We feel you, lady.

7. This rad plant lover.

Us and our succulents.

8. This stylish pair.

For you and your bestie, or bae.

9. This jacket is 100% #StyleGoals.

Seriously though, where can we get one!?

10. This incredible ’90s vibe.

Yes, yes, and yes.

11. This end of summer style.

We’re so into the tiny tanks.