When it comes to feminism, we demand ours be intersectional — because no matter how we identify, we all deserve basic human rights and respect. After all, the feminist movement is all about equality; and that equality shouldn’t come at the expense of marginalized groups and individuals. By lifting up those who have been pushed down, we have the potential to lift everyone else in the process.

It’s no secret that black and brown women have rarely been given their due in history — and yet, some of the most important people in the feminist movement were (and are) women of color. In fact, some of the most essential feminist literature was written by WOC: Audre Lorde, bell hooks, and Alice Walker, just to name a few of the best. But aside from checking out a thick stack of books from your local library, it can be tough to show your allegiance and appreciation for the many things these women have accomplished. But fear not, Gigglers: Philadelphia Printworks has your back.


Philadelphia Printworks is a small screenprinting company with the goal of promoting activism and inclusion in popular culture — and they have everything you need to fulfill your intersectional feminist needs. Most recently, the brand released its School of Thought collection, which, according to Mashable, “features fictional colleges and universities established to honor historic black influencers often absent from today’s educational environment.” Amongst the people featured are the incomparable Audre Lorde and Ida B. Wells — and we’re obsessed.

“The inspiration for this collection is the result of a very long conversation that has been happening about black representation in education,” Donte Neal, the collection’s designer, told Mashable. “This is something that has been at the top of our personal struggle.”


We can’t think of a goal more worthy of our support, and Philadelphia Printworks’ previous collections are just as essential. In particular, the brand offers a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and tote bag featuring the last names of a plethora of black feminist authors everyone should have on their bookshelves. The design is an absolute dream, and would be right at home in even the pickiest person’s wardrobe.

The prices are also totally reasonable, ranging from $20 to $37.50. You can check out everything that Philadelphia Printworks has to offer right here.