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We are smack dab in the middle of New York Fashion Week, and already we’ve witnessed some incredible moments. David Beckham and Anna Wintour bro’d out in the front row. Some amazing and inspiring models made runway history, and we’ve got the first super-crazy catwalk look we really hope takes off in 2016. We’re talking about bisecting face jewelry, of course.

This past Saturday, the futuristic look, designed by Sydney-based jewelry company Sarah & Sebastian, made its debut at the Dion Lee show.

The wire jewelry was minimal yet striking, and each piece was made of either sterling silver or rose gold. Sarah & Sebastian designed the pieces to fit each model’s face exactly. Sarah Gittoes, a designers for Sarah & Sebastian, told Refinery29 that they were held in place solely by the models’ facial tension – meaning they aren’t exactly meant for everyday wear. “We liked the idea that each model’s contour was unique,” Gittoes told Refinery29. “However, there was also the strength of uniformity.”

And of course, Instagram is blowing up.

We love the subtle, slightly bionic influence of this jewelry, and wonder what inspired Dion Lee and Sarah & Sebastian to go this route — as well as what else New York Fashion Week is going to throw at us. Because really, can anything top this? Here’s hoping we can buy these pieces for ourselves soon. Hey, if hoverboards are going to evade us, cool futuristic face jewelry is the least 2015 can give us.

(Images via Instagram)