Briana Hansen
June 21, 2016 10:38 am

When life hands Beyoncé lemons she doesn’t just turn it into a plain old lemonade drink like the rest of us. She turns it into an international hit album called “Lemonade” and then later wears gorgeous lemon-themed outfits and accessories to remind us that she is actually a goddess among us.

In a recent Instagram post, she posted a heart-warming picture of her family at the beach as she wore a bright, lemon yellow shawl, a beautiful boho lemon headband, and perfectly matching lemon necklace.

And because Beyoncé knows all, she was well-aware that we would need close ups of her gorgeous accessory choices if we wanted to continue to feel fulfilled, so she followed up by posting a set of stunning pictures that show just how intricate and gorgeous her accent pieces really were.

Just looking at this image makes us feel like we’ve transported to a remote island to relax with Queen Bey. And even if in reality we can’t hang with the diva in paradise, that doesn’t mean we can’t at least find some gorgeous Beyoncé inspired pieces to make us feel a little more like the glamorous diva no matter where we are.

Like this straight-off-the-runway style headband from Etsy complete with crystals and flowers. Oh, and it comes with lemon earrings just like the ones Bey rocks herself. This colorful and sparkly duo looks like something straight from royal and elegant the Mrs. Carter Tour style.

And the look isn’t complete unless you wear it just the way Beyoncé does (because we all know she can do no wrong), so you’ve got to get a matching lemon-themed necklace. Luckily, can find them pretty easily and they, too, come in some sensational styles.

Now that we’ve seen her rock it, we all know it’s time to get in “Formation” and grab every last one of these fun lemon items.