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Beyoncé, or Queen B as she’s known to her fans, has pretty much become the world’s overlord and empress of everything that is good in this world. And, if her incredible “Formation World Tour” is anything to go by, the singer is setting the stage on fire night after night without questions.

The Houston-born singer recently dropped her sixth solo album, the much celebrated and critically acclaimed Lemonade, along with a feature length film detailing an alleged infidelity set to songs from the album and poems by Somali-British poet, Warsan Shire.

Of course the internet collectively lost it, with memes and a viral hunt to unearth exactly who “Becky with the good hair” is taking over social media and, indeed, news cycles for weeks after the album’s release.

After stepping out on tour things quietened down, but it seems, this being Bey, things can never stay quiet for long.

On Tuesday night (12 July), Beyoncé performed at the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany. Obvs, people were super excited because, well, it’s frickin’ Beyoncé. However, there was another reason people, and now social media in general, were so pumped: Beyoncé had on a giant braided ponytail and she was swinging it like her life depended on it. false

Look at Queen B throw that thing around.

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Of course people totally lost it on social media…

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People were even comparing B’s ponytail to Mortal Combat.


Then the jokes started rolling in…

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Amazing. Long live Beyoncé and long live her braided ponytail.