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When we hear the phrase “denim on denim,” this is obviously the first thing that pops into our heads:

Credit: Jeffrey Mayer / Getty

Though the above look is the definition of the early 2000s, it isn’t exactly something we’d be able to pull off today. However, we have some great news: Denim on denim is being brought back in a totally modern, totally fashionable way. And who is behind this meaningful movement, you ask?

Beyoncé AND Blue Ivy, of course.

About 12 hours ago, the Beyhive was buzzing because our Queen posted a GIF on Instagram with the caption “🍋❤️.” As for the GIF, it featured three photos of beautiful Beyoncé and the equally beautiful Blue Ivy posing in matching jackets that were custom-made by Gucci. The pieces feature patches of birds, butterflies, roses, and hearts with the words “L’aveugle Par Amour” on the back. This translates to “Blind Love.”

Bey herself wore this jacket with ripped jeans, a floral button-down that’s tucked in, aviators, and a side ponytail. We can’t see Blue Ivy’s entire outfit, but it looks like she’s wearing a patterned dress. Though Blue Ivy may not be participating in the denim on denim look, she’s still a key part of Bey’s denim on denim aura.

Together, they’re essentially making “denim on denim on denim” a thing and are pulling it off perfectly.