Stephanie Hallett
Updated September 08, 2016 9:52 am
Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

With Beyoncé in a chopped-up Led Zeppelin tee/leather skirt combo, and Jay Z rocking a fierce-yet-casual black bomber jacket and matching jeans, the king and queen of hip-hop almost outshone their friend Kanye West at New York’s Madison Square Garden earlier this week.

Bey and Jay were at the stadium for Ye’s Saint Pablo tour, and their outfits perfectly matched the vibe of the show — dark, intense, and a little bit ferocious.

Ultimately, it looked as though these two were about to hop on stage and rock out. (And we’re sure the audience wouldn’t have minded one bit.)

Beyoncé shared photos from the show on her Instagram, and gave us the gift of these musical outfit GIFs she’s been super into lately.

The song playing in the first mini-video is “Pt. 2” by Kanye West, and the track behind her solo outfit vid is Yeezy’s “Fade,” both from West’s most recent album, The Life of Pablo. (Adding these two to our playlists as we speak…)

Bey’s own Formation world tour, which has been on pause since she finished its European leg in early August, picks back up again in St. Louis on Sept. 10th for a few final stateside dates. Don’t miss her (or her rockin’ style)!