These are 13 of our fave pumpkin decorations we've seen so far this year

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Obviously, one of the most beloved traditions in October is the carving of those big orange vegetables called pumpkins. When they’re not being used for PSLs, pies, cookies, cakes, and all of the best Trader Joes goodies, pumpkins are at our artistic mercy. Whether you choose the traditional route of carving, or prefer to spice up your pumpkins with paint and glitter, your options are endless!

Now, when it comes to carving, painting, or gluing things onto our pumpkins, we love taking to Instagram to find the newest, most original, and coolest ghoulish design ideas. So without further ado, here are the best pumpkin decorating ideas we’ve come across so far this year…

The marbled, succulent-loving dream:

So trendy, so relevant.

These geometric gems:

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Understatedly cool.

This magical creature:

It’s like the pumpkin manifestation of our favorite emoji!

This maple leaf cutout:

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Perfect for Halloween and fall in general.

This artistic Halloween scene:

Now ~that~ takes some skill. But we’d give it a try!

These pumpkins are more glam than we’ll ever be:

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Those lashes tho.

This design that’s making witches bow down:

We came here to slay (vampires, that is).

These adorable pumpkin donut babies:

These make us want to go buy a dozen pumpkin spice donuts ~rn~.

This fall floral:

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We love that color green!

These Day of the Dead smiles:

These are so spooky-cute!

This blood-red beauty:

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Time to practice our script!

This pretty tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month:

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Pretty in pink.

And this clever take on a true pumpkin treat: 

A post shared by Keely Hill (@princess_keepea) on

It’s pumpkin and spice and everything nice.

Are you in the crafting mood yet?

CW /

Those pumpkins aren’t going to decorate themselves!

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