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Chances are, this deep cleansing mask has always been in your grocery store without you even knowing it was there. In recent years, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay has become a cult favorite, co-signed by everyone from popular beauty bloggers to Mindy Kaling. The product is made from bentonite, a type of medicinal clay, which is known for its healing benefits related to skin issues. While Aztec Secret is only marketed towards skin cleansing, similar products apparently also work as a digestion aid. What kind of sorcery IS this clay?

Aztec Secret claims it removes impurities from pores and this is exactly what I needed. While I hadn’t been breaking out (miraculously!), my skin was in need of a MAJOR detox and some deep cleansing — especially with all of the makeup experiments I was recently putting it through. It was time to join the masses and give this magical Aztec Clay a go. Exorcise the demonic impurities from my skin, PLEASE!

This is what you need

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $9.79 on Amazon, but my angel co-worker got it from Whole Foods for about the same price.

Raw apple cider vinegar

Non metal mixing bowl

Non metal mixing spoon

Something to apply the mask like a brush (this $2 set looks pretty awesome).

1. Wash your face

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First, I took a shower and made sure all of my makeup was removed and my face was squeaky clean.

2. Add clay into the bowl

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I measured out ¼ cup of clay.

3. Add equal parts raw apple cider vinegar

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The directions say you can also use water, but I preferred to do all ACV due to the added benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory, pore-tightening, and toning effects.

4. Stir the mixture until smooth

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Before you mix it, you’ll notice it sizzle like Pop Rocks! Don’t be scared.

5. Apply it to your gorgeous mug


The label says to leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes for delicate skin and 15 to 20 for normal. I left it on for 20 minutes. The mask hardened and I felt it tighten, but not necessarily pulsate like the packaging states. The label also says “Men love it too,” so I convinced my boyfriend to try it.

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6. Wash it off

Admittedly, taking off the mask was the most annoying part. Since my sink tends to clog easily, I removed the mask with a damp washcloth and threw the remains in the basura. It also got in my hair and got stuck to my headband.

The results

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Immediately afterward I noticed some redness, which the product labeling does warn about. I took it as a good sign that the toxins were indeed leaving the building! I also saw a new small bump and was worried that it would cause a breakout, which is a thing that can happen with all that DIRT AND GRIME coming up to the surface. However, I noticed that my skin was incredibly soft like a baby’s. I decided to forgo my usual moisturizer and just used some rosewater and glycerin spray before bed. The next day, the bump was gone!

A few days later, my skin was still very smooth. As for frequency, the product packaging recommends using it once a week and “more often for problem skin.” Since this bentonite is some serious business, I’m going to use this baby once a week as a Sunday night ritual. What’s even cooler about the clay being less than 10 bucks? You can totally customize it to create other masks, like this cupcake-inspired one!