Natalia Lusinski
April 17, 2016 7:45 am
Neeziie Babiie / Instagram

While a friend of mine was going through chemo for cancer, she not only lost her hair, but also her eyebrows. She hated it. Even if she wore wigs, she still had no brows unless she penciled some in and always joked that she was the best at drawing crooked eyebrows — and laughed that she’d end up looking worse with brows than without.

Now, however, cancer patients may be in luck, thanks to a new beauty treatment that can change things up for cancer patients. 3-D hair strokes tattoos makes eyebrows look as au naturel as ever, tattooing individual hairs — and without being permanent as in forever.

By only going into the first layer of skin, the ink is semipermanent. It’ll fade after about a year (in case the person changes their mind or wants a new brow shape). Or, the client can get touch-ups in 6-9 months if they want to keep the same brow shape longer.

Pretty cool, huh?

Case in point, a New York City cancer survivor who got new brows via 3-D hair strokes. “My lovely client came in February 22 in NYC and said she had lost her hair due to her undergoing treatments [for cancer],” Praneet Kaur, the founder of Threaded Beauty and a 3-D stroke trainer, told Us Weekly. “She wanted to wake up every day and have eyebrows again.” The client said having brows would allow her to “feel like herself again.”

“She was so happy,” Kaur said of her client. “She had her mom with her and they kept looking in the mirror, not being able to understand how realistic the hair strokes looked,” she added. “They said, ‘Wow, this is crazy — it looks like hair!’”

In the past, some cancer patients had eyebrows tattooed on, but the 3-D strokes work differently. “This is done with a manual hand tool and not a tattoo machine,” Kaur said. “Also, 3-D strokes allow you to create more of a natural brow than the typical shaded-in look. The whole technique is done in [tiny strokes] so it cannot look drawn in.”

How much will this cost cancer patients? The hour-and-fifteen-minutes process runs about $550. Not bad for a year’s worth of brows, right? But, more importantly, a small price to pay in order for cancer survivors and patients to feel better about themselves. That is priceless.

Curious how it works? Kaur posted the process on Instagram, which you can check out here.