Anna Gragert
June 21, 2016 4:14 pm
Author / Facebook Messenger

We just discovered our newest beauty obsession – and no, it’s not a lipstick, an affordable mascara, or even an actual beauty product. Instead, it’s a beauty bot – one that will help you find (and even try on!) various lipsticks from the comfort of your Facebook Messenger.

The bot is run by makeover app creator Modi Face. Using the company’s experience in the world of cosmetics and their facial tracking/simulation technology, Modi Face can help you find your #1 lip product. It’s basically like a beauty BFF. All you have to do is message the company on Facebook, tell them your favorite lipstick shade or brand, and allow them to offer selections.

Once you find one you like, you can then “try it on” by sending Modi Face a front-facing selfie. What they’ll then do is photoshop the lip color onto your lips and quickly send the edited image back to you – so you can see if it suits you.. Plus, right from Facebook Messenger, you can be taken to a website where you can buy the product. Essentially, this means you no longer have to make a time-consuming trip to the makeup aisle to try on lipsticks that have touched others’ lips (so no germs, either!).

Here’s a demo video:

We, of course, decided to give this bot a test-drive and we’re impressed with its ability to select shades and photoshop them onto our lips. However, the only problem was that – unlike in the demo video – there wasn’t an option to download our photos and get a closer look.

Author / Facebook Messenger

Also, as you can see in the above photo, that lipstick color definitely isn’t right for me. Already, this bot has saved me time and money! Now, excuse me while I continue to play around with this for the rest of the week.