Kathryn Lindsay
September 05, 2015 9:13 am

If there’s one thing we should remember when we watch YouTube videos, it’s that we never know what’s going on behind the camera. Sometimes it’s knowing that these people are real, that they still have bad days even if their life looks perfect, or, in the case of Jordan Bone, that they could be struggling with something we all take for granted.

Jordan is a beauty guru, and has over 50,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Despite having so many people watch her videos, they still manage to all ask the same question — one totally unrelated to her tutorials: What’s wrong with your hands?

It’s something you don’t notice until it’s pointed out. Jordan uses her hands a bit differently when applying make-up, making use of cuts and angles to avoid showing them as much as possible. A few days ago, she decided to address it.

In a video titled “MY BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE,” Jordan reveals that she was in a car accident ten years ago that left her tetraplegic. This means she has no control over her torso or limbs, including her hands. She can’t dress herself or even do her hair, but she has found a way to apply her own make up. As she says in her video, being able to do her make up is the one thing that is still hers, despite everything else that the accident took away from her.

In this video, she reveals all the things that she usually edits out, like using her mouth to hold and help adjust her make up and tools. And, as one commenter puts it, “Still, you do eyeliner better than me and I have all these fingers.”

Jordan’s story is an inspiring message of creativity and determination. As she says in the video, “It’s insane how much we grow with the challenges we face.” Now that her story is out there, we’re excited to see how Jordan continues to grow and conquer her disability. And, how on fleek she’ll look while doing it.

Watch the video below!

(Image via YouTube.)