Emily Baines
Updated May 01, 2016

You all remember The HillsEmily Weiss, right? Well, did you also know that she’s moved on from reality TV to become the CEO and founder of Glossier, a digital beauty brand based on her popular blog Into the Gloss? Glossier’s skin-care line reflects the low-key lifestyle Weiss promotes: simple ingredients with neutral-colored packaging… and guys, everyone, we mean everyone, is freaking out about Glossier’s products — specifically their universal skin salve Balm Dotcom, a 2015 Nylon Beauty Hit List recipient.

People recently championed Balm Dotcom:

Cool nails, even cooler lips.

We expect this most recent news must make the thousands of followers particularly pumped: Net-A-Porter has teamed up with Glossier to sell an exclusive trio! According to Into the Gloss:

We are so down! Even better news: For those of us who live internationally and might not be able to find Balm Dotcom locally, it might be possible to get it shipped to you via Net-A-Porter! After all, it is a universal right to avoid dry lips.