Jill Layton
Updated December 12, 2014 7:27 am

Dudes, what is happening with your beards? And we ask that lovingly. But seriously, what is happening with your beards? The hipster beard trend has really been growing this year, in popularity and on faces, and we’re totally OK with that.

Grey London, an ad agency in the UK, has come up with creative Christmas cards to send to their clients, by decorating a new kind of Christmas tree — the beard. Designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford cleverly created Beard Baubles for the agency, because let’s be honest, why wouldn’t they? It’s actually surprising that no one came up with this genius idea until now, considering how popular lumbersexual beards are these days. Their tagline, “Christmas on your face”, couldn’t be more accurate.

If you are a bearded man who loves hilarious things, or know a bearded man who loves hilarious things, you can buy a Beard Bauble pack for $7.80, which includes 14 multicolored ornaments — 10 large balls and 4 small ones. All proceeds will be donated to Beard Season, an Australia-based campaign that encourages beard growth for melanoma awareness. Check out their Twitter page for more info on how to buy.

Take a looksy:

Oh, and this one too:

But not surprisingly, they’re not the only ones who know a blank decorating canvas with they see one. Hipster men everywhere are taking to decorating their beards — whether it’s for Christmas, another holiday or just life in general. And we’re really happy they’re doing it.

Here are some more decorative beards we’re kind of fascinated by.

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