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Welcome to today’s history lesson. Today we’re discussing the origins of the bar cart. (It’s actually interesting, I swear.) The first iteration of the modern bar cart was the Victorian Era tea trolley! It wasn’t until the end of Prohibition, in 1933, that the bar cart became associated with cocktails, and it wasn’t until the 1950s that they became popular for hosting parties.

Okay, class dismissed. Now time for your homework: Pick your fave bar cart from this lineup of 11 affordable ones. Bottoms up!

1This metal, wood, and leather bar cart:

Credit: target.com

Sleek ‘n’ chic.

Buy it here for $116.99.

2This burnt orange utility cart:

Credit: ikea.com/us

Talk about affordable.

Buy it here for $24.99.

3This acrylic bar cart:


Is this glam or is this glam?

Buy it here for $199.99.

4This luxe bar cart in satin gold:

Credit: amazon.com

Minimal, but still stand-out.

Buy it here for $157.16.

5This gold and mirrored angular cart:

Credit: target.com

If you don’t have a ton of room but still want to showcase your booze, this one’s for you.

Buy it here for $134.99.

6This old-fashioned wheel cart

Credit: wayfair.com

One word: Classy. Just make sure no one rolls away with your tequila bottles.

Buy it here for $129.99.

7This metal and glass tea cart:

Credit: houzz.com

Just the right amount of vintage.

Buy it here for $150.99.

8This birch kitchen cart:

Credit: ikea.com/us

You can stain and finish this one however you see fit!

Buy it here for $109.

9This 3-tier rolling bar cart:


Loving the geometric symmetry on this one.

Buy it here for $149.99.

10This farmhouse-style cart:

Credit: wayfair.com

Happy Hour goes Country Classic.

Buy it here for $159.99.

11This circular mini-bar cart:

Credit: houzz.com

Wouldn’t this look perfect in a corner next to a palm plant?

Buy it here for $77.95.

So, did you find the bar cart of your drinking dreams? We’ll cheers to that.