Marie Lodi
July 08, 2015 10:44 am

Every time I’m at some sort of establishment where they give away free pens to their customers, I can’t resist but take one. Hotels, hair salons, insurance agencies?? ?I SHALL HELP MYSELF TO THEM ALL. Yes, I’m a total pen hoarder, but none of these pens have ever meant anything to me. They’ve all been pretty standard-looking, so if I end up forgetting one somewhere or if someone steals one, it’s been no big deal.

I want to break free of my pen hoarding and start carrying around writing utensils that are beautiful. THAT MEAN SOMETHING. Pens that are so special, if someone tries to take one, they’ll get a karate kick from yours truly (OK, not really). Is that so hard to find? It sure ain’t, because has come out with the CUTEST Girl Talk Pen Set.

Look how rad these are! Total HelloGiggles style, amirite? The set comes with three pens, each with a different design. Two of them have sayings on them, like “Hey Girl Hey” and “Girls Rule.” The third is a glittery silver. I can’t wait to sign all my receipts, checks, and fan autographs with these gorgeous pens!

Girl Talk Pen Set, $14