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If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a lot of Back to the Future talk going on all over the Internets lately. First of all, this summer, the beloved film celebrated it’s 30th anniversary. Secondly, on October 21, 2015—a.k.a the future day Marty and Doc Brown traveled to in the sequel—a super cool documentary about the movie will be coming out in theaters! Obviously, it’s time to figure out how to pay homage to this time-traveling classic. Should we all wear red puffy vests and perform in some sort of Marty McFly flash mob? Adopt a cat and name it Flux Capacitor? Shall we at least call up our local car rental establishment and see if there’s a DeLorean available?

I’ve got an idea that’s much easier than any of those options: grabbing this “Great Scott” shirt by Clashist! What better way to pay a heartfelt homage to BTTF than wearing this rad shirt emblazoned with multiple illustrations of Doctor Emmett “Doc” Brown’s handsome mug? This shirt is the coolest piece of clothing ever. Think of how stylish you look when you travel back in time to 1955!

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(Product shots via Clashist.)