Kenya Foy
November 23, 2016 1:02 pm
Gabriel Dawe /

No matter how many rainbows we see, the brilliant band of colors will never not be fascinating. Unless your heart is perpetually blackened, it’s practically impossible to suppress an awe-filled grin when you see one, which is why we’re smiling nonstop at artist Gabriel Dawe’s man-made rainbow of threads.

Highlighted on Bored Panda, Dawe’s Plexus no. 35  is a multi-hued installation comprised of 60 miles of embroidery thread that stretches from floor to ceiling. It captures light in the most gorgeous way, creating an optical illusion that is both beautiful and uplifting. Situated in the middle of the Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio, Plexus no. 35 is basically all you need to give a room perfect feng shui.

Prepare to have your heart sing:

Here’s a gorgeous view from above:

And a couple shots from the installation process:


Plexus no. 35 will be on display at the gallery until Jan. 22, 2017.