Toria Sheffield
Updated Feb 15, 2017 @ 6:39 am
Ariel Winter
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

As you’re probably well aware, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And the laws of nature mean you probably saw your fair share of pink and red. But Ariel Winter’s Valentine’s Day look threw color traditions out the window, and we’re kind of obsessed.

Winter opted for white, form-fitting skinny jeans and a super sheer black top on her night out, and we’re ALL about it.

That’s right. Gone are the days of the little red dress, or hearts on your sweater (well, not really, we love that too!). But we ALSO love when style norms and expectations get turned on their head. There’s just something about wearing black on Valentine’s Day that screams sexy, yet unique (and let’s be real, when is black ever not appropriate?).

Let’s take a look.

We’re digging everything about this — from her sleek long bob all the way down to those black stilettos. And if you look closely, you can see that the jeans are frayed down the front, giving the look a slight element of baddassary. We’re just loving how effortlessly put together this looks.

Winter graced us with another — decidedly more revealing — Valentine’s Day post earlier that day with a bathing suit snap (or, more specifically, a bathing suit snap with her legs wrapped around BF Levi Meaden).

Winter has made no qualms about being okay with being single — but that being said, we’re also stoked that she currently seems so happy in her current relationship. Because, at the risk of sounding grotesquely cheesy, happiness is truly the best accessory.

Now excuse us while we start planning our outfit for next year’s V-Day. Because we’re “cool” like that.