Rachel Paige
January 28, 2016 5:30 pm

You’ve encountered this struggle before: You’re watching your absolutely favorite TV show, or a brand new movie in theaters, and you see something the characters are wearing that you’ve just GOT to have. But going home and Googling, “that shirt Jennifer Lawrence was wearing in that one movie” is kinda hard to do, you know? Well, not anymore.

Say hello to TheTake, a new app that does that searching for you. Want to snag whatever is being worn on the screen? They’ll find it for you, sometimes even during the episode you’re watching.

The app is pretty simple to navigate, and includes a lot of nifty features, too. You can search by specific show, movie, or even actor, and the app isn’t just limited to clothing. Want to know what sunglasses Daniel Craig was wearing in Spectre? How about the flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Zac Efron is holding in his last rom-com? Or even better, what liquid courage is Jessica Jones guzzling down at the end of a long day? TheTake’s got you covered.

When you’ve found the item you’re looking for, if TheTake has located its exact match, you’ll see that. You’ll also see a few other options, too, if you don’t want to drop $2,000 on Jessica Jone’s leather jacket (even though that would be a totally necessary and wise investment if you’re looking to fight crime).

There’s also a way for you to find the exact flight suit used in The Martian, because of course there is.

The app is free to download to your phone, and can even sync up with the television show you’re watching so you can instantly find out whatever the Pretty Little Liars are wearing. Be prepared for your wardrobe to suddenly double in size.

(Image via Netflix, TheTake)