2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Ansel Elgort is an actor, a DJ, and the face of L’Homme Prada. He is also no stranger to a bold fashion statement, though last night’s look at the MTV Video Music Awards was perhaps his loudest yet. So loud, in fact, we think he ought to grab a mic and round up a pop punk band to front. The chains, the gloves, the fraying threaded detailing — it screams punk.

To prove it, we rounded up a few side-by-sides comparing Elgort to some of our fave early ’00s frontmen…

Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance

Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Getty, Gary Wolstenholme / Getty

Need we say more?

Brendon Urie, Panic! at the Disco

Credit: Anthony Harvey / Getty, John Shearer / Getty

Just look at the buttoned coats and the detailed shirts!

Billy Joe Armstrong, Green Day

Credit: Jared Siskin / Getty, Kevin Mazur / Getty

For the love of Hot Topic, somebody get this man a mic. And a guitarist or two.