Anna Gragert
August 03, 2016 6:00 am
Boxing Fashion / Jewelrylovinggirls / Galis2014
Boxing Fashion / Jewelrylovinggirls / Galis2014

The first day of summer is next Monday – which is crazy, right?! But also super exciting. To get in the right mindset for this magical time of year, we’ve been thinking about all the trends we can’t wait to embrace as the sun shines and temperatures rise. Mainly, we’re thinking about anklets: the bracelets that help you accessorize when you’re showing more leg than normal.

Now, let’s talk favorites…

1. Colorful Glass Bead Layer Anklet

Xtra Virgin /

Buy here for $9

2. Rose Gold Heart Anklet

Eleajewelry /

Buy here for $32

3. Turquoise Beads Anklet

Annikabella /

Buy here for $30

4. Minimalist Star Anklet

Boxing Fashion /

Buy here for $19.90

5. Three Wishes Anklet

LAminiJewelry /

Buy here for $30+

6. White Arrow Anklet

Galis2014 /

Buy here for $21

7. Pearl Anklet

Valerie Allen Jewelry /

Buy here for $39+

8. Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Anklet

Gemma Jolee /

Buy here for $17.52

9. Multicolor Anklet

Jewelrylovinggirls /

Buy here for $35+

10. Triangle Anklet

Annikabella /

Buy here for $22

11. Pack of 3 Fine Chain Anklets

Buy here for $13

12. Opal Moon Anklet

Kokoshine /

Buy here for $27

13. Silver Hammered Bar Anklet

Mariana Encheva /

Buy here for $28

Will this be the Summer of the Anklet?