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Updated July 23, 2015

I may have an obsession with skinny jeans. OK, by “may” I mean “definitely.” I have been wearing them for so many years that the amount of pairs in my closet that are anything but skinny jeans probably lingers around 2. I wear them for all occasions with no shame. Oh, they’re dressier and best kept for date nights? Disagree, thank you! When shopping I avoid straight leg, bootcut, and flare like the plague. My ankles don’t need that much freedom.

Needless to say, all this talk lately about how the skinny jean trend is coming to an end makes me uncomfortable. Is it wrong to cry in the name of fashion? Perhaps my love of this denim style is irrational, but I plan on staying loyal to them to the end, and I’m not above starting a social media movement to support the cause. #SaveTheSkinny. Why? Simple

They’re a classic

Skinnies have been worn by some very famous ladies throughout history. And whether you want to pair them with a cozy t-shirt or maybe heels and a blazer, slipping on this classic style will put you in good company. Marilyn Monroe rocked them in basic denim while Audrey Hepburn made black look oh-so chic. More recently, some little-known model by the name of Kate Moss brought this trend back to the forefront. I’m not sure about you, but following in the footsteps of these fabulous icons doesn’t sound too shabby to me!

They look good on everyone

Do you know why flare jeans stopped being so popular? Because an extra foot or two of fabric around the leg isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. (At least, I assume that’s why.) Whether you are a size 2 or 24, skinny jeans work for any figure. They accentuate your curves and pair well with blouses. There’s nothing wrong with being proud and showing off what you’ve got!

They make your footwear options endless

Skinny jeans go with any shoe option. Heels, flats, boots, sandals, sneakers, you name it! I challenge you to try and find a pair of shoes that look awful with your skinnies. Thanks to the long legline, the focal point of the jeans ends at your feet, making it a perfect showcase for those new kicks you saved up all month for!

They really are perfect for any occasion

They may be known as the dressy choice of denim, but I don’t see anything wrong with bringing a little style to those occasions that are technically casual. Whether it’s at a baseball game or drinks at your local dive bar, nothing bad can come from being the girl who looks pulled together. Skinnies can take you from shopping to coffee dates to dancing the night away while looking stylish.

They make a statement

Skinny jeans are not for the faint of heart and wearing this cut definitely shows confidence. Even if you have a day where you aren’t feeling the most sure of yourself, your jeans can do the talking for you. Want to take it up another notch? Put on a pair of colored skinnies. Nothing says “unstoppable” like bright denim! You didn’t want to fade into the background anyway, right?

I do, of course, understand that there are other delightful cuts of denim out there, but the skinny will always be my go-to, and I hope you will help me keep this style alive and kicking. #SaveTheSkinny! Oh, and if anyone knows of any good jean sales happening, please let me know. I suddenly have the urge to add to my collection.

Laura Meinert was once reported as a missing person on a cruise ship. It was the first night of the trip. When she isn’t getting “lost,” she can be found gushing about her love of craft beer, Broadway musicals, and fashion.

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