Steph Barnes
February 11, 2017 10:51 am
Brian Gomes/

If you understand our obsession with all things creative, you know we’re always on the look out for beautiful tattoos so when we found the Instagram account of Brazilian artist Brian Gomes, we just could not stop scrolling. These spectacular tattoos are inspired by the art and architecture of Amazonian cultures. Brian’s unique patterns channel both Brazilian and Peruvian tribes, and he credits the artwork of the Shipibo-Conibo people and the Huni Kuin as major influences in his pieces.

Gomes believes,

It’s like he’s speaking to *our* souls because we couldn’t agree more. Brian continued to say,

While the look of his tattoos honor traditional patterns, he’s careful never to copy the sacred designs directly but instead puts his own spin on things. And we are so in love with the final product! It took us a while but we managed to narrow down some of our favorite pieces.

We’re digging the use of watercolors on this geometrically perfect hummingbird.

And just look at how delicate those lines are!

We love how the tiny hearts tie into this bold back piece.

Now, we just have one question…anyone up for a quick trip to Brazil?