Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jul 13, 2016 @ 7:37 pm

Fave activist and queer woman of color Amandla Stenberg is the role model to end all role models, and her role in this beyond gorgeous cotton candy-tinted video proves that she’s a #CarefreeBlackGirl dream.

The video, an ad for Stella McCartney’s new perfume, POP, features an Amandla who is 100% soft, gentle vibes. This representation of the actress is massively important since it’s not how black girls are typically presented in the world of fashion and in the mainstream.

After all, black girls like Amandla don’t have to be strong and fierce 100 percent of the time. They can be soft and vulnerable too.

Not only is it just so *important* to humanize black girls in art, but the artsy video does the dual role of humanizing queer black girls. Since representation of queer black women and girls is pretty but always lackluster, it feels major to see Amandla on a road trip in a pretty, fluffy world far away from the reality of what it is to be a black girl right now.

McCartney herself recognized the value of Amandla as an all-around superstar and important voice in the world of art and beyond. false

Amandla, keep on shining. And black girls, know you’re loved even when it’s *so* hard to be carefree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=