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Updated Apr 23, 2015 @ 7:24 am
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Let’s be real: rainbows are seriously one of the most beautiful sights in nature. And so whenever we see one, we freak out—even after we learn during our childhood that unfortunately, there is no pot of gold at the end of them. But the sight of all those colors across the sky is enough.

So, this week—just in time for Earth Day!—the Internet was going wild (in the best way) about a totally gorg pic of a quadruple rainbow. Well, maybe it was two double rainbows, according to certified meteorologist Jim Cantore, but either way, it was super rare—and the photo itself is enough to make our jaws drop.

But what would it be like to see that perfect rainbow IRL?

Hello Giggles reached out to Long Island designer Amanda Curtis, who snapped the photo, to find out a little more about the woman behind the rainbow sensation that has been making rounds across the interwebz.

Curtis, 27, had been at the Glen Cove LIRR station waiting for her 6:30 AM train into Brooklyn. “I saw the rainbows and looked a bit closer and saw that there were four rainbows,” Curtis told HG. “I heard the whistle from my train, so pulled out my phone and snapped a picture before I jumped on the train—after all, I do have a company to run!”

Curtis in no way expected that the photo would become as popular as it was. “I like to post motivational photos in the morning to start the day,” Curtis explained of her Twitter post. “Within half an hour the post was already on track to going viral. The rest is internet history.”

The quadruple rainbow photo was SUPER awesome, but we personally think Curtis herself is even better. Originally from Lynn, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston, Curtis went to Boston University and Parsons School of Design. Now, at 27, she’s the co-founder of a successful clothing company called Nineteenth Amendment. “I intend to make the fashion industry better for everyone, from designers and consumers, to manufacturers and retailers,” she told HG.

Though Curtis made a ton of headway in fashion initially (she dressed celebs like Ellen Degeneres, EEK!), Curtis has faced her share of challenges. “As a designer turned entrepreneur, I experienced first hand how difficult is is to break into the fashion industry,” Curtis said. “After graduating from Parsons, I had success, from showing at New York Fashion week to designing for celebrities and bringing a solo designed collection to judging at London Fashion Week. The problem was, I wasn’t financially successful.”

So instead of giving up, she decided to find a new solution instead. . . both for herself, and for the fashion industry as a whole. “I came up with Nineteenth Amendment as a way to help designers break into the fashion industry with the least amount of time, effort, and money (stiletto-strapping), while growing manufacturing in the USA,” she explained.

But Curtis’s passion for fashion began long before the formation of her company. “My aunt was the vice president of a bridal company in Boston,” Curtis explains on the Nineteenth Amendment blog. “From the age of five, I would stand in the store’s second floor windows on Newbury Street inspecting the dresses and modeling my own. I saw first hand how much joy a garment can bring to someone–even to tears. In fashion I found a means of self expression, more powerful than any other.”

The amazing, independent entrepreneur is all about making the world a better place through fashion. “[The company] sources the most talented independent designers from across the globe and brings their inspiration, collections, and stories directly to you,” Curtis continues on the blog. “. . . I want everyone to experience the joy and awe of well made, beautiful, unique clothing.”

The ultimate goal? Transforming the fashion industry as a whole. “My true passion is creating industry and innovation through technology that will lead to positive impact in the fashion industry,” Curtis told us.

Oh, and like the true entrepreneur she is, Curtis is using this quadruple rainbow sensation as part of her business: “I’m sharing my luck and giving $25 to with the code Rainbow so that everyone can make their closets a bit brighter!”

BRB, going to get our wallets. Thanks, Amanda, and we think you’re as beautiful as a dozen rainbows. . . inside and out!

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