Jennifer Romolini
Updated May 22, 2014 @ 6:42 pm
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Let’s face it, rainbows are the closest thing we have in real life to imaginary magical things like unicorns, They’re beautiful and special and when one happens it’s among the only times in your life when you just stop everything and pause and stare (and Instagram, of course, sigh).

I’m a big fan of bringing this kind of magic into my house, of decorating my spaces in a way that doesn’t take myself (or my interior design skills) too seriously and instead feels light-hearted, and even borderline eccentric and crazyland. If I had Scrooge McDuck money, I would collect a few arty neon signs and hang them inside and outside around my house (Side note: there’s an excellent collection from Love Neon up on the British site The Mint List right now, including an option to customize your own design. I want to own all of it, which would totally make my house seem like a weird art bar in Amsterdam in 1987).

But instead of neon, at $10.99, this LED Rainbow Projector is a little more my speed and probably yours too.. It gives off the prettiest, warmest glow at night and, once you light it up (preferably in your favorite room on a blank wall), it will make you feel happy and like something special has happened. Then, just like nature intended, you can share the whole cool experience on Instagram.