Kit Steinkellner
February 18, 2016 4:37 pm

You know things are messed up when a high school student is being threatened with a suspension because of her hairstyle.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Tayjha Deleveaux, a student at CR Walker Senior High School in the Bahamas. Recently, as the BBC reports, Deleveaux showed up to school with an “afro puff” hairstyle. For those who don’t know, the afro puff is pretty much what it sounds like: afro textured hair that is worn in one or two puffs.

Deleveaux’s mother took to Facebook to express her outrage over her daughter being threatened with punishment and made to feel ashamed about her hair:

The Internet heard this call to arms and Deleveaux’s supporters came out in droves, many sharing pictures of their own natural and gorgeous hair with the hashtag #SupportThePuff:

We hate that Deleveaux was made to feel like her natural hair was anything but great, at her school of all places. Good on the Internet for coming to Deleveaux’s defense, and taking the opportunity to celebrate puffs all over the world. In a Facebook post, Delevaux’s school said that the situation will be resolved “amicably,” and we very much hope this means an overdue apology and a good faith promise to do better.