Marie Lodi
Updated Apr 16, 2015 @ 12:45 pm

I have a confession. I never went to summer camp, but BY GAWD, did I want to. The closest I ever got to experiencing the joy of bonding with other misfits while learning arbitrary skills like archery and making bean mosaics was during a brief stint at girl scout camp. Instead, I relished every summer camp-themed movie: Camp Nowhere, Camp Cucamonga, Indian Summer and even Meatballs.

To this day, I still have fantasies of going to camp, so when I saw this serving tray from Fishs Eddy’s collection with West Elm, I freaked out. Designed with a scout patch in mind, the tray is perfect for serving up hot dogs or stacks upon stacks of s’mores.

The entire collaboration, which is inspired by vintage hotels and old diners, is seriously to die for. Check out this cool permit-themed serving tray.

Cute enough to have a summer camp-themed picnic, right? (Don’t forget to invite me.)