Anna Buckley
April 27, 2017 11:11 am, HelloGiggles/Anna Buckley

Dependable. Fashionable. Cozy. No, we’re not talking about your dream S/O. We’re talking about your dream sofa. Who else is going to be there for you when you decide to binge-watch every single season of The Great British Bake Off?

Your couch, of course.

We saved you some trouble and rounded up 11 of the comfiest-looking and most visually-stimulating couches (all under $1000, too, because girl, we got you).

1This lemon-yellow chaise settee

You can’t go wrong with those strong arms and that vintage style.

Buy it here for $402.99.

2This lovely burnt orange loveseat

So hip! So mod!

Buy it here for $399.

3This red Mid-Century sofa

We’re obsessed with those Mid-Century style legs.

Buy it here for $538.99.

4This dreamy blush daybed

Pretty sure this is the Millennial Pink daybed of our dreams.

Buy it here for $584.99.

5This sleek turquoise sectional

Nothing says, “I’m cool, but fun, too” like this sleek and colorful sofa.

Buy it here for $899.

6This orange velvet sofa

We can already imagine our iPhone getting lost in those comfy cushions.

Buy it here for $449.99.

7This Mission-style couch

Yup, we could definitely fall asleep while watching Pretty in Pink for the 14th time on that.

Buy it here for $529.99.

8This modern, modular sofa

The lines, the color, the sophistication!

Buy it here for $997.99.

9This ocean blue velvet couch

Vintage, yet modern.

Buy it here for $699.99.

10This Mid-Century sofa with colored buttons

Nothing says, “I’m a really fun person” like colored buttons on your loveseat!

Buy it here for $349.99.

11This clean-lined lavender loveseat

Is this loveseat adorable or is it adorable?

Buy it here for $287.99.

Now grab a fuzzy blanket and get ready to meet the couch of your dreams.