Almost every day, it seems, we sign trivial petitions or put our collective Internet voices to use desperately trying to save a TV show from cancellation. Sometimes we get our way (The Mindy Project WILL go on), and sometimes we have to deal with the fact that our online voices will not be heard (the petition to bring back McDreamy to Grey’s Anatomy comes to mind).

But sometimes those petitions pick up steam, even when they have nothing to do with saving a show from the TV graveyard. Now, one of the 90s’ most iconic singers might just get a MAC line thanks to an online petition that’s taking the Internet by storm.

I don’t know about you but I personally can’t think of ’90s looks without thinking about Aaliyah. So the #AaliyahForMAC campaign really hits home for me. If it were coupled with a line of tight crop tops and baggy athletic pants I’d be sold.

From the petition:

“Aaliyah’s brother Rashad Haughton says that Aaliyah was a big fan of MAC. He also goes on to say,” that he approves of the idea for a Limited Edition collection by MAC for her.” Her favorite MAC products were: Chelsea Lipstick, Cherish Lipstick, Chestnut Lipliner, espresso eyeshadow, and biscuit eyeshadow.”

I mean, if they just re-created this makeup look, I’d be pretty into it. I already have most of The Simpson MAC line and I’d definitely be down to add the Aaliyah line to my collection.

But while we’re at it could we also bring back her Tommy Hilfiger campaign? Gimme this outfit, STAT.

Only time will tell if this petition makes an Aaliyah Mac line a reality, but I’m crossing all of my fingers that it does.

(AaliyahForMac pic via the petition, Aaliyah pic via, Aaliyah Tommy Hilfiger via)