Anna Gragert
Updated Aug 22, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
Credit: ASOS / Zara / ASOS
Credit: ASOS / Zara / ASOS

Get ready for a blast from the past! Thanks to our online shopping addiction, we’ve noticed that many retailers are looking back at the ’80s for fashion inspiration. And we don’t mind one bit. Specifically – using the color, cut, and texture of ’80s heels as a guiding light – some of our fave stores are taking us back in time. To see exactly what we mean, see the following…

1. Zara “Suede High Heel Shoes”

Credit: Zara /

Buy here for $89.90

2. StarletVintage “Pink Mauve Heels”

Credit: StarletVintage /

Buy here for $37

3. SomeplaceSunnier “Vintage 1980’s PINK 80s Prom Kitten Heels”

Credit: SomeplaceSunnier /

Buy here for $20

4. Zara “Kitten Heel D’Orsay Shoes”

Credit: Zara /

Buy here for $39.90

5. ASOS SAPPHIRE “Wide Fit Pointed Heels”

Credit: ASOS /

Buy here for $45.14

6. Arsenickittyvintage “Infatuation 80s Bone Suede Heels”

Credit: arsenickittyvintage /

Buy here for $49

7. H&M “Suede Pumps”

Credit: H&M /

Buy here for $69.99

8. Zara “Mid-Heel Shoes with Contrasting Toe Cap”

Credit: Zara /

Buy here for $39.90

9. LookingOutMyBackDoor “Gold Glamour Evening Shoes”

Credit: LookingOutMyBackDoor /

Buy here for $21

10. ASOS SOULMATE “Pointed Heels”

Credit: ASOS /

Buy here for $40.31

11. ModCloth “The Future Looks Chic Heel in Gold”

Credit: ModCloth /

Buy here for $49.99