Karen Belz
August 02, 2016 8:39 am
christenstrang on Instagram

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with real ink (and that’s totally OK — tattoos aren’t for everyone) temporary tattoos are the way to go if you want to celebrate the summer. Seriously, they’re not just for kids, and they’re not just for specific holidays. They’re a great way to decorate yourself with minimal care and worry. Also, super cute. There’s also that.

Temporary tattoos today aren’t just cartoons and funny slogans. In fact, some of them look so real, that you might not believe that a quick shower will make them vanish for good. If you’re looking for some adventure, and have five minutes to spare, consider buying some temporary tattoos this summer and looking as cool as some of these amazing people who’ve posted theirs on Instagram.


Here’s an amazing shot from Tattoo For A Week, a store with a wide selection of temporary tats. It’s almost hard to believe these crowns aren’t permanent!


Tattoonie is another great place to find some realistic temporary tattoos for adults. Their designs are awe-inspiring.


Decorate your arms with your best buddy — even if the tattoos aren’t forever, your friendship likely is.


This girl is covered with temporary tats! Hers are from Miami Tattoos — they’re not located in Miami (or America) but they ship all over and offer custom designs.


Jessie gave herself some tattoos to remind herself that she’s stronger than her illnesses. It’s amazing to have some motivation when things get tough — and things get tough during all seasons. She got her colorful, helpful tats on the MotivationalTattoo shop on Etsy.


How incredible does this look?! It was created thanks to TattaPic, which turns any photo into a high-quality temporary tattoo.


Artist designbyyoum is also getting into the tattoo game. It’s shocking that the beautiful transfer tat shown here isn’t real.


This temporary tattoo is incredible — it’s subtle, well crafted, and truly celebrates summer.