rene tiny tattoo
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Whether they’re bright and vivid or delicate and subtle, we *love* tattoos. While we adore expressing ourselves through trying out new hairstyles and makeup trends, there’s something about permanently inking a part of your body that takes expression to a whole new level. If your preference is the teensy with a little bit of ~edginess~ to set you apart from the rest, you’re going to absolutely fall head over heels for these tiny tattoos.

Known for blackwork tattoos with clean lines and a bit of darkness, René is a Melbourne-based artist who has stolen the hearts of many who love tattoos, or just like a bit o’ art on their Insta feed. Boasting nearly 50k followers, René’s tattoos are truly unique works of art.

Here’s a few of our fave tiny tattoos by René

1. This wine glass

Perfect for you and the #squad.

2. This glorious sunset

Such a stunning illustration.

3. This geometric piece

Very ~artsy~.

4. This little bit of magic

We’re *so* feeling this.

5. This delicate hand

So incredibly lovely.

6. This trip to paradise

Ah, we can hear the waves.

7. This tiny shark fin

For all your tropical vibes.

8. This framed rose

Such a smart idea.

9. These super rad jeans

Because why wear ’90s vibes when you can have them etched into your skin?

10. This unique design

So badass.

11. This sweet pairing

Because tiny tattoos can bring it, too.

12. This teensy scene

So funky in the *best* way.

13. These killer roses

A subtle tribute to bae, or an ode to self love? Either way, it’s rad AF.