Kenya Foy
December 05, 2016 11:39 am
Michael's Drone photography /

A rule of thumb for holiday decor enthusiasts is to begin draping their homes in lights as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween. Who are we kidding — the minute trick-o-treating slacks off, the most crazy holiday lights set-ups are already well underway.

While many are content with a simple festive display, some people can’t resist trying to give Clark Griswold’s holiday lights some major competition by making sure their Christmas lights can be seen from space.

We’re not sure if these over-the-top light displays are a not-so-subtle way of throwing shade at the Scrooges of the world or a way to make sure Santa doesn’t pass their homes by, but here are 13 holiday lights set-ups that we can’t get enough of (indirectly) looking at:

Here’s some holiday cheer on steroids:

Take that, Griswolds:

When your holiday lights set up is so lit, it requires its own dubstep soundtrack:

If the cold never bothered you anyway, it’s probably because of the heat emitted from this Frozen-inspired setup, which features almost 100,000 lights:

These snowmen riding a merry-go-round win the holidays:

The well-lit winter wonderland is so electric, we’re surprised it didn’t melt the snow:

This wild display gives new meaning to rockin’ around the Christmas tree:

Warning: Do not watch without shades:

This setup gets extra points for its Star Wars-themed introduction:

Wow. There is a lot going on in this flurry of festivity and our eyes don’t quite know where to focus:

Is this a holiday gathering after party? Nope, it’s just a home that random people hang out at ’cause LOOK AT ALL THESE LIGHTS, Y’ALL:

If it wasn’t for the light-lined staircase, we would still be searching for this home’s front door:

The drone footage gives you a bird’s eye view of just how spectacular this light display is:

Happy holidays, y’all!