Anna Buckley
Updated Jul 24, 2017 @ 5:22 pm
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Credit:, Anna Buckley/HelloGiggles

The other morning as I sat eating breakfast, gazing out our window into our courtyard, my roommate asked, “Did you notice our neighbor’s new window planter?” I looked around, zeroing in on a boob-shaped planter housing a pretty orchid. “Are those…?” I asked. “Yup,” my roommate nodded. “Those are boobs.”

Inspired by my neighbor’s brazen choice of window decor, I decided to round up some of the internet’s most whimsical pots and planters. Let’s start with the boob one, shall we?

1Boob Planter

Yup, they’re boobs.

Buy here for $40.47.

2Googly Eye Pot

I can just imagine how the neighbors would feel with a half-dozen googly-eyed pots staring their way.

Buy here for $8-$16.

3Chubby Cat Pot

This is like MY chubby cat, in ceramic form. 😻

Buy here for $30.12.

4Succulent Pot


This pot reminds me of tube socks in the best way.

Buy here for $21.87.

5Face Pot

I’m envious of the lashes on these pots.

Buy here for $12-$27.

6Volcano Vase

This reminds me of my 6th grade science project, but way more elegant.

Buy here for $69.

7Watermelon Planter

What better planter for summer than this fruity piece?

Buy here for $24.

8Circular Glass Vase


This globe is perfect for a dainty little air plant.

Buy here for $14.24.

9Blue Rainbows Pot


This two-toned rainbow pattern is the most adorable.

Buy here for $8.93.

10Wild Alpaca Pot

What’s cuter than alpaca love?

Buy here for $18.

11Flamingo-Shaped Planter

Not only is this planter a FLAMINGO, but that flamingo is wearing a MONOCLE. It is perfect.

Buy here for $29.

Enjoy intriguing the neighbors! ✨