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Credit: Instagram / @inkbrambles

Health goth: the word that inspires our edgiest, wellness-driven souls and wears sexy black combat boots to venture in nature. The only thing to further boost our ~health goth vibes~ is to get them permanently tattooed on our protein shake-filled bodies. And what better way to do it than with nature tattoos? Line your body with this gorgeous body art and rock your Adidas through the forest on your morning walk to yoga. Because #HealthGoth.

Here are a few of our fave nature tattoos:

1. This badass rose

Tucked nice and easy between-the-boobs.

2. This little rabbit

So sweet.

3. This beyond edgy fishing cat


4. This wise bee

Great advice, bee.

5. This space fox

Artsy AF.

6. This lil’ goose

So cute!

7. This triangular, floral mountain

Bonus points for the triangle.

8. This sweet skull

Yes, yes, and yes.

9. This unique ocean

Major heart eyes.

10. Birkenstocks and plant tattoos, because obv

As lovely as it gets TBH.

11. These delicate leaves

Oh heck yeah.