Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated April 13, 2014

We have all overzealously shopped before, faking optimism in the dressing room when those pair of pants almost fit or hoping that dress will look kind of good in certain lighting. Admit it. We’ve all checked ourselves out in those unflattering dressing room mirrors, whispering to ourselves, “this will totally fit after I lose two pounds.” Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a shirt, we’ve all had impulse buys. It’s okay, because now is the time to set those barely-worn babies free. Declare war on your wardrobe this week, and do some spring cleaning! Get rid of all that clutter and chaos. Not sure where to start? Let me help you:

1. That swimsuit from Target that mutated in the dryer

Shortly after Valentine’s Day, Target’s new swimsuits begin taking over the clothes section, and I can’t help myself but buy a bikini or two, because they’re so colorful and cheap! Like most cheap things, they’re cheap for a reason. The padding gets all clumpy, and the strings become displaced. You know you’re not going to wear that suit. Toss it!

2. Your “Floral Scuba” Going Out Dress from Forever 21

This purchase seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that you’re looking at this dress, you’re not really sure what to do with it. Like, what bra do you even wear with it?

3. Business casual pants from H&M that fit weirdly

I’ve made a mad dash to H&M the day before an interview many a time. H&M has saved my ass, but it has also made it unflattering. Business pants that end up too short, or wide have no use in your closet.

4. Shirts that are totally not you

I know I try to diversify my wardrobe by purchasing tops that look nothing like what I own. What’s the point in buying the same thing over and over again? Well, the point is that you will probably wear it, right? Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t try new things, but if months have gone by and you’ve only worn your “statement” top once, maybe you should consider giving it a new home.

5. Those uncomfortable wedges from Charlotte Russe

We don’t realize how terrible shoes make our feet feel until an hour after deciding to wear them. I literally have five pairs of heels that I bought under twenty dollars and I don’t wear a single one. That’s one hundred dollars I could have spent on shoes that don’t strangle my feet and leave them to die at the end of the night.

6. Those one-size-too-small-or-too-big jeans

Jeans are the worst, am I right? They will fit magnificently in the dressing room, but then shrink or stretch out as soon as you either wash them or wear them longer than an hour. I’ve had this happen to me WAY too many times, and you would think a girl would learn. But no. I have like, ten pairs in my closet which I don’t wear because they’re SLIGHTLY too small or too big, and I think I’m done with them. There’s no use beating myself up because they don’t fit.

7. The “oh this will be cute for the beach?” dress

These are the flow-y dresses that don’t exactly compliment your body, but they’re kind of cute anyway. Sometimes they’re transparent, so you wonder how you’re going to fit them into your more or less professional lifestyle (unless you want to pull a Jemma from GIRLS, which is cool too!). If you haven’t worn them at all, it’s time for them to go.

8. Your metallic mini skirt/dress from American Apparel

You bought this for a themed party in college and haven’t worn it since. Unless you plan on going as the Gold Standard for Halloween, maybe you can get rid of this piece.

9. A button-up from F21 that lost a button

This shirt had good intentions, but lost them somewhere along the way. Maybe in your car, or the one time you wore it to work. Regardless, missing buttons won’t do.

10. Those faded black skinny jeans

You’re never gonna get that color back. It’s time to put them to rest. R.I.P, jeans.


11. Eclectic jewelry that doesn’t go with anything

I love cool jewelry, but if you’re unsure whether it would be good for Halloween or not, perhaps you need to invest in a few more versatile pieces. Time to go shopping?

What are some items in your closet that you plan on getting rid of?

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