Leonora Epstein
February 08, 2016 3:42 pm

1. Double it up. Try symmetrical bands on both sides of your rock.

2. Or, thicken it up. Opt for a wedding band that brings a bit of weight to the combo.

3. Go earthy. We especially like the idea of pairing a rusty, raw wedding band with a traditional engagement setting.

4. Bring in texture and motion. Instead of a straight band, try something wavy or curvy.

5. Go simple. But actually, this style has a twist its unusually rounded edges.

6. Try on a pattern. If you don’t want a band with bling, think about an imprint to compliment your rock.

7. Add color. Even if you don’t have color in your main ring, a bright accent band will draw even more attention.

8. Opt for something super embellished. Especially if you have an understated engagement ring, a detailed wedding band will bring some character to your duo.

9. Get angular. Wedding bands don’t need to follow the shape of your ring — think about opposite shapes and angles for a modern look.

10. Make it royal. Instead of a solid band, try one with glamorous filigree or cutouts.