Christmas decoration
Credit: desifoto / Getty Images

Halloween enthusiasts from all over are dusting off their Christmas trees a couple of months ahead of schedule, letting us all know that decorating the tree isn’t just a Christmas tradition anymore.

In anticipation for one of our most favorite holidays ever, we did some digging and pulled a few of the best Halloween Christmas trees we could find — all of which will give you the much needed inspiration to get a little more wear and tear out of those artificial evergreens. Who would’ve thought that skull and cross bone ornaments could be so festive?


Does this Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Christmas tree not have the most appropriate theme ever?!


And this fall themed tree is perfect for those who wish for more autumn leaves and less ghouls and goblins.


The Chucky doll was a nice added touch!


We’re diggin’ the witchy tree topper and footer!


Because, what’s a Halloween Christmas tree without a skeleton anyway?


How cute are these decorations?!


And we’re absolutely here for this one!


We seriously never thought that we could find something so gorgeously spooky. It’s perfect.


Topping this Halloween Christmas tree off with a Santa hat is genius!


LOVE the spider webs! We were just thinking that traditional garlands was overrated, anyway.

BRB, have to run to the craft store for a few more Halloween supplies!