It’s not safe to go on the Internet anymore. We love a good fan theory as much as anyone else (and roll our eyes at a bad one as much as anyone else, too), but some fan theories are just too real to handle. Be warned: The below Home Alone fan theory is one of those.

Reddit user matt01ss honed in on a very specific detail of Home Alone that forces you to reevaluate everything about the movie: Specifically, this moment makes you question if Kevin was ever really forgotten on “accident” and if one of his own family members might have had some very dark and sinister plans for him indeed. Here’s the moment that starts the fan theory of perpetual despair and darkness:

The Reddit theory goes that Kevin’s dad, Peter McCallister, threw his ticket away on purpose, intentionally setting into motion the events that would lead to his being left home alone. This alone could be dark, but other commenters took it even further.

Drgreeneggsandham added an extra dark layer to this theory: That Kevin’s parents (or possibly just his dad) actually hired the robbers who break into the McCallister house and that maybe, just maybe, they didn’t intend for Kevin to survive the encounter. “So his parents hired Harry and Marv to rob the house in the first place and take out Kevin?” Drgreeneggsandham asked.

Reddit user jbenz doesn’t think Kevin’s mom was involved with the plot though, writing, “Boy this makes sense. Except it wasn’t both of his parents. Only his Dad. His Dad ‘accidentally’ throws away the ticket. His mom makes heroic efforts to get back to her son while Dad is all ‘ehhh, maybe I’ll just find another flight.'”

This is one of those fan theories that really does make you reevaluate the movie. Are we totally convinced Kevin’s dad was trying to get rid of his rambunctious son? No, of course not. But is there a lot of evidence that backs up the theory if you choose to subscribe to it? Yeah. Yeah there is. Let’s break it down:

In addition to being the person who actually throws away Kevin’s ticket, Peter also talks to Harry the “cop,” confirming the McCallister family’s plans to leave the country.

It’s also worth noting that during this hectic early scene, Kevin admits to using his dad’s good fishhooks to make ornaments — and it’s clear that he wasn’t supposed to. Did small infractions like this pile up and make Peter eventually crack? Maybe. Maybe they did.

When the McCallister family finally does make it to the airport, a certain patriarch is looking pretty pleased with himself.

Maybe he’s just relieved that they’re catching the flight. Maybe he’s silently celebrating the (apparent) success of his scheme. WHO KNOWS?

Here’s what Kevin’s mom looks like as she’s realizing Kevin is home alone:

This is a concerned parent.

Here’s what Kevin’s dad looks like while they’re putting the whole mistake together:

This is a guy who remembered more about his appliances than his children.

Here’s Kevin’s mom, Hulking out on an airline attendant in her attempts to get home to Kevin:

And as for Peter McCallister? If you remember, he opts to do absolutely nothing to try to expedite his trip home. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.

Finally, let’s take a look at how Kevin’s mom reacts to seeing Kevin alive and well:

Pure love.

Annnnnd how his dad reacts:

Mild disappointment.

Look, we’re not saying Peter McCallister was definitely a criminal mastermind, but we’re also not saying he definitely wasn’t.

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