Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Dec 14, 2016 @ 3:20 pm
Credit: New Line Cinema

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s hard to deny the cheer that comes from the holiday. And some people are lucky enough to have holiday-themed names. Whether you’re pregnant or just have an ongoing list of names you’d consider for your child, these baby names inspired by the season of giving will warm your heart.

While we’re inevitably going to get a bit biblical on you with this list, no matter what you believe in, these baby names for the holidays all offer something special. So if you love the holidays, here are some baby names that channel the spirit of the season.


This name can be for a girl or boy and actually means Christmas or “Born on Christmas day” in French. Naming a baby Noel will give a whole new meaning to the Christmas carol, “The First Noel,” for your family.

2Natalie or Natalia

Noel isn’t the only name with roots directly connected to the word “Christmas.” Natalie comes from Natalia, the Russian word for “birthday” or “Christmas,” and the variation Natalia can also be used for boys.


Sings, “Have a holly, jolly Christmas.”


Where holly is, there is often ivy if the Christmas song, “The Holly and the Ivy,” is to be believed. Ivy is actually a fairly popular name in 2016 (more so than Holly), ranking as the 120th most popular name for girls.


You could name your son after Jolly Old St. Nicholas himself.


Or if you prefer the name Kris Kringle for Santa Claus, you could go with this variation of Christopher. No matter how you spell it, the meaning is also Christmas-appropriate since it means “Bearer of Christ.”


The mother of Jesus offers a traditional girl’s name.


Same goes for the man who raised Jesus for a go-to boy’s name.

9Carol or Carole

With the “e,” it’s a name for a girl. Without the “e,” it’s a name for a boy. While the origin of this name doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas, we do sing Christmas carols this time of year.


A playful girl’s name that channels the Christmas-friendly dessert gingerbread.


While the other reindeer names might not make the best baby names, Rudolph can be a pretty cool boy’s name as silent film actor and OG dreamboat Rudolph Valentino proved.


As doves often symbolize peace and Jemima means dove, this girl’s name is a lovely secular name for the holiday season.


The name of the girl in the Christmas ballet The Nutcracker is Clara (also sometimes Marie). Clara means bright or clear, which is additionally fitting considering the Christmas song, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.”


Gabriel was the angel who told Mary she would give birth to Jesus, so it doesn’t get any more Christmasy than this boy’s name. It’s also very easy to turn this beautiful name into a girl’s name.

If you choose to name your baby any of these 14 names, you will have holiday joy all year-round. Oh! Joy makes for a good name, too. 😉