There are a lot of small joys in this world of ours. Finding the perfect dress in your size on sale on NYE, getting a close parking space when it’s raining and obviously, any new artwork the Internet can throw at us. Seriously, sometimes artists on the Internet make me feel so dumb with their genius. This is also why my apartment is overrun with artwork: I AM OBSESSED.

One of these small joys at one time was the Hipster Ariel meme which never failed to entertain:

Which brings me to my newest favorite thing: even more hipster’fied pics! First up:

Hipster World Leaders

These are by Amit Shimoni and they are incredible:

Even More Hipster Disney Princesses!

These one are by Evvi Art and are pretty incredible and badass.

Hipster Kitty

The captions on Hipster Kitty are really what make it. But who doesn’t want an excuse to look at adorable cats?!

Hipster Statues

O.M.G. These are incredible. I love these SO much. Mostly because the one time I went to the Louvre all I could figure out to do was jerkily take pictures of my friends and me re-creating paintings. Well, French artist Léo Caillard is WAY smarter than I am. He took pictures of statues and photoshopped them into hipster idols.

Hipster Video Games!

Okay, video game characters, but, you know what I mean. These we found via Kotaku!

Hipster Actors

Via Distractify, “DesignCrowd, an online marketplace for freelance graphic design services, ran a contest calling all graphic designers to re-imagine famous actors as hipsters.”

Have a hipster-y day!

(Hipster Ariel meme collage via)