Briana Hansen
Updated June 05, 2016

We know the following facts about The Big Bang Theory‘s beloved Bernadette Rostenknowski: She’s adorable, she’s got a powerful yelling voice when she wants to, she looks amazing in colorful cardigans, she loves Howard, and she’s got a bun in the oven.

That last Bernadette fact was one of the biggest and most exciting reveals at the end of last season. It’s made everyone wonder when we’ll be seeing a new little addition to the crew. Of course, everyone wants it to happen sooner rather than later because babies are adorable (not to mention watching Sheldon try and take care of it would be comedy gold).

But in a recent interview with TV Line, showrunner Steve Malaro said they’re in no hurry to speed along this pregnancy timeline. I mean, we all know the typical pregnancy lasts nine months, but we were hoping maybe, like, eight and a half of those could have already passed by beginning of the next season? But Malaro said, “We’re taking it slow. The plan is to just let it roll out like a regular pregnancy.”

I guess even one of the most successful shows on TV about some of the brightest minds in the world can’t trick Mother Nature into speeding up a pregnancy (no matter how adorable the little tyke would be). We have no doubt that we’ll eventually see the baby. And maybe we’ll get to see plenty more of Howard and Bernadette this season since they won’t (yet) have to take care of a newborn.

So at least we can all enjoy the cuteness of their relationship while we wait for the cute little baby to (finally) make an appearance.