Kit Steinkellner
Updated Mar 13, 2015 @ 12:36 pm

When we talk about Photoshopping mishaps here on Hello Giggles, we’re usually talking about instances in which Photoshoppers attempt to mold the women they are Photoshopping to reflect certain narrow beauty standards for the purposes of marketing. That said, sometimes the reasoning behind terrible Photoshopping remains the greatest of mysteries.

Such was the case with the recent Photoshop botch job that Bloomberg Politics performed on Hilary Clinton. In efforts to get the “right shot” for the promotion of a news conference Clinton would be conducting, a Bloomberg designer took Hillary’s head from one photo and affixed it to her body from another photo. These are the results of that deeply misguided move:

As CNN reports, Bloomberg readers quickly pointed out the weirdness of Clinton’s proportions in this picture, because, just like you and me, the Bloomberg readers have eyeballs and know what human bodies are supposed to look like.

To their credit, Bloomberg Politics did issue an apology. Shortly after the mishap, the publication’s account tweeted the following:

“Bad call on the Hillary promo graphic. Should have taken the time to find the right original image. We take full responsibility.”

A spokesperson explained to CNN that the reason the photo was photoshopped in the first place was because Bloomberg was on a time crunch and so they had to rush to create an image that would “fit the parameters of the graphic.”

As CNN (rightly) pointed out, though, “the decision to clumsily Photoshop Clinton confounded many since the former secretary of state is one of the most photographed women in the world.”

I’m with CNN, this excuse skews weird. Really, the timesaver they came up with was to splice two images of Clinton together instead of, like, doing an image search? In any event, at least there was an apology. And a lesson learned: do not take a head from one photo and put it onto the body of another photo, no good can come from this move.

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