Hillary Clinton + this Jennifer Lopez song= DANCE PARTY!!!

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton is a total dancing queen.

Some of you may remember earlier this month, Hillary went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show ,where Ellen and tWitch taught Hillary how to whip and nae nae to the Silentó song.

At the time, Bill Clinton had both props and constructive criticism re: Hillary’s perf.

Now, as E! reports, Hillary’s back dancing, because if you have killer moves, you can’t very well just keep them to yourself, now can you? At the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s annual convention this past weekend, while posing for photos with supporters, Hillary heard Jennifer Lopez’s dance classic “Let’s Get Loud” and started pumping her fists. Within seconds, she started a dance party around her. And, to make matters more awesome, she wasn’t too cool to tweet a video about it. Check out the clip of Hillary getting her dance on below:

Honestly, we think these primaries could stand to include a little MORE dancing. We’ll be waiting patiently for other candidates to jump in and show us what they’re made of on the dance floor.


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