It doesn’t have to be Thursday for a good old fashioned throwback —especially not when you’re Bill Clinton, and it’s your 69th birthday. Presidential hopeful and superstar wife Hillary Clinton took the time during her busy campaign schedule to Instagram an adorbs pic from back in the day. It’s a black and white photo of the couple smiling and laughing together, looking very ’70s.

Hillary also posted the photo Facebook, captioning the memory, “Happy birthday to this guy.” If you follow Hillary on Snapchat, you can also take a look at her Snap Story tribute, featuring a pretty groovy picture of her husband playing the saxophone. But this is just one small part of Bill’s birthday celebration. Last night, our 42nd president celebrated his b-day at the Blue Parrot bar and restaurant in East Hampton, with family, friends and even Bon Jovi. Today, he’s been getting birthday wishes left and right.

Happy Birthday, Bill! May your 69th year be filled with joy…and maybe a new (familiar) house?? If you want to add to the well-wishes, you can sign his birthday card over here!

(Image via Shutterstock)