Anna Gragert
June 10, 2016 11:43 am
Walt Disney Pictures

Thursday isn’t always our favorite day – mainly because the anticipation for Friday can be a bit overwhelming at times. However, there is one thing that always helps us make it through the day: #tbt photos. Celebs like A Walk to Remember star Mandy Moore, songstress Taylor Swift, and even Captain America/Chris Evans have all been a part of some repost-worthy #tbt snapshots. Yet, we currently have a favorite: Hilary Duff’s.

It all started with Hilary’s sister Haylie Duff. Yesterday, she posted a photo of herself and Hilary when they were little girls and wrote, “@hilaryduff sent me this gem yesterday… I see a ton of Luca and a ton of Ryan! Do you?? #sisters #babylove#throwbackthursday.” (Luca is Hilary’s son and Ryan is Haylie’s daughter.)

In response to Haylie’s post, Hilary decided to add to the nostalgia of it all by posting her own #tbt. This pretty much proves that these two were meant for great things:

Though these photos are great on their own, what we love even more is the sisterly bond shared between Haylie and Hilary. It makes us super happy to imagine these two texting #tbt photos back and forth as they remember all the amazing memories they’ve made together.

Final question: Can Haylie and Hilary please co-star in a show all about sisterly love?