You can take the girl out of Disney Channel, but you can never take the Disney Channel out of the girl — at least when it comes to Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire. Though crimped hair and butterfly clips have come and gone through fashion, overalls are making a comeback. Know who wore overalls a lot in the 2000s? Lizzie. Know who’s wearing overalls right now? Duff.

To say that Duff is making a huge comeback herself isn’t fair, because she’s always been around for us, whether we were re-watching old Lizzie McGuire episodes or rocking out to her 2003 CD (LOL, CD) Metamorphosis. But now with her brand new album, and her brand new amazing TV show, Younger, Duff is everywhere all the time now. And we LOVE IT. We also love that she’s never lost sight of why we fell in love with her in the first place, and continues to throwback to Lizzie all the darn time.

Duff recently stepped out wearing a pair of denim overalls, and clearly came across some photographers. Giving a wave to the camera, she looks amazing. Now putting this current photo side-by-side with one from circa 2001, it’s like an explosion of adorableness and we might not be able to handle it.

She even captions the picture, “Lizzie” and “no big thing” but to us this is a HUGE thing. Ugh, now we’ve gotta go through the clothing packed away in our parents’ attic, and pull out the overalls. If Duff suddenly decides to bring back butterfly clips, too, those might be easier to find — aren’t they all just buried at the bottom of our bathroom drawers? (That’s not just me… right?)

(Image via Disney.)