Ellen Page was just at the Toronto International Film Festival with her brand new movie — which we’re ridiculously excited to check out — Freeheld. Page was there with the cast and crew of the film, of course, but she brought someone else along, too: her girlfriend Samantha Thomas. The two stepped out on the red carpet together for the first time as a couple, and now they’re doing all sorts of adorable couple things together. They’re giving us major #RelationshipGoal vibes.

Page and Thomas have been dating for a little bit, but finally headed to together because, as Page told E!, she’s “so in love.” We can totally see that, and Page’s latest Instagram proves it!

Posted on Thursday, Page’s picture shows her and Thomas together. Where are they? In some big hall that looks like a giant dance party. It could be a giant dance party for all we know. Page feels like that’s actually the atmosphere, but a throback one at that. She captioned the image “high school dance vibes.” We’re feeling it and we love it.

The two are wrapped up in a loving embrace, that shows them leaning into one another, Thomas with a huge smile on her face, Page looking like she’s so at peace with the world. We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited for these two.

Page came out as gay last year at a Human Rights Campaign conference in an incredibly wonderful speech to the public. We haven’t seen her in a relationship until right now, with Thomas, and it looks like things are going great. But how about next time, invite us all along to the high school dance? We want to come and join in the fun, too.

(Image via Instagram.)